Path: Community Settings >> Dashboards >> Idea Portfolio >> Action (button) >> Analyze Text

This feature analyzes the text of ideas in search results and produce a list of common topics of discussion. It compiles a collection of relatively-unique words/tag counts for all selected ideas.

To use Analyze text run a search query for any single or combination of commands like campaign, stage etc. Note: Analyze text can also be used without running any search query where it will analyse all the ideas within the community.

The below image shows a search query for Selected ideas within the campaign Environmental Studies.

Moderator can select the ideas which needs to be analyzed and then select the option Analyze Text from the Action tab.

The Text analyzer will show the following:

1. Text Analysis: This will show the query run by the moderator along with the number of ideas selected for analysis.

2. Significant Keywords: This shows the number of words repeating in the selected idea. The count above each word signifies the number of ideas that word occurs in. Clicking on the keyword will navigate the moderator to page showing the ideas in which it occurs.

3. Community Tags: This shows the community tags (if any) appearing in the ideas along with its count. Clicking on the tag word will navigate the moderator to page showing the ideas in which it occurs.

Once moderator is navigated to the ideas by clicking on any Significant Keywords or Community Tags, they can carry out further action on those ideas using any action the idea Portfolio section caters like under Action tab, Link, Merge or Tag etc.

Here is short video on the feature.

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