To allow for further customization we have made a few enhancements to our campaign specific imagery. Campaign related emails will include the Campaign Banner as the email header. In cases where an Admin has opted not to customize the campaign banner, those emails will be filled with the Community email banner. Here is the list of which emails will include the campaign banner:

1. Idea Mention Email

2. Campaign Invitation Email

3. Idea Inactivity Emails

4. Idea Merged Email

5. Idea Submitted Email

6. New Idea Notification

7. Idea Submitted Behalf

8. Idea Deleted Email

9. Topic Duplicated Email

10. Assessment Reminder Email

11. Comment Approval Email

12. Comment Flag Email

13. Idea Approval Email

14. Idea Mark Abuse

15. Idea Owner Assigned

16. New Comment

17. New Comment Mention

18. New Review Comment Mention

19. Private Comment

20. Topic Flag Email

21. Idea Status Change

22. Idea Share

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