The latest release in this month is the Top 10 Trending Ideas with the fire emojišŸ”„ . The Top 10 ideas in the Trending tab will now have this emoji next to the idea title.

The trending idea is based on the number of views over the last 10 weeks (with more recent views weighted higher). Trending score changes weekly.

Trending Ideas emoji will be visible on the Top 10 Trending ideas next to the Idea title, Idea details page, Incoming Moderation, and Idea Portfolio.

Trending email notification is sent once a week to all the top 10 trending idea submitters and co-submitters of the ideas that are trending that week. If their idea is trending the next week they will not receive an email notification for the second week.

The top 10 trending ideas are selected and if its new ideas than the previous week, the idea submitters and co-submitters of the ideas are sent an email notification as per the timings mentioned below for each instance.

  • Sunday morning 12:01 US/AU/ISG/CA/PE

  • Monday morning 12:01 EU

  • Saturday morning 12:01 AE

The members are also sent alerts in the In-app section in the homepage topbar of the community.

Moderators will be able to see the trending fire badge in Idea Portfolio and Incoming moderation too.

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