Path: Community Settings >> Integration >> App Directory >> Teams

Similar to Slack integration, MS Teams integration allows to create community, submit idea and pull various information from the community.

Teams Integration Setup

1. Install IdeaScale Teams App

Administrator of the community has to search for their Teams App on the "Teams App directory".

Search for IdeaScale, and install it.

After the installation of Teams App, a success message will appear in your chat.

2. Authorize with Teams

After we’ve completed the first step, we now need to authorize with Teams. Admin can do that by entering any command, for example "@ideascale login". If no community is setup, a message explaining it will appear. Run @ideascale setup to setup a new community.

3. Setup community

To setup a community on Teams, the administrator should be logged-in in IdeaScale.

Enter "@ideascale setup" command to set up community.

Upon entering the command, admin will see a box to set up community. The first field is the Short Community URL, and the second field is Community Alias which will be required to login to a specific community. This Alias will be particularly helpful for clients with multiple communities which are connected to Teams.

Please Note: The community Alias cannot contain empty spaces. The community Alias field is not linked to the IdeaScale community name. This will be used only to login to the community.

After clicking on the Submit button on the Setup Community dialog window, admin should see another message, Finish connecting your IdeaScale Community, with a button underneath it Connect to IdeaScale Community.

Click on Connect to IdeaScale community which will take to another page to authorize the access.

Click on Authorize button to complete the setup. It will show the message on Teams Finish connecting your IdeaScale account.

4. Login with community

Admin can login to the community by simply clicking on the Login to IdeaScale account button. Upon running this command, the message Sign-in-sucess will appear.

Now admin can start running community commands, like "@ideascale trending" to see trending ideas. To see the full available command list that can run the "@ideascale help" command, where it shows the list of commands that can run.

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