lucido (loo-see-doh): splendid, shiny, or magnificent.

What is it?

Lucido is the code name of our new user interface. You can get a sneak peek here.

When is this coming out?
We are aiming for a January roll-out.

What do I have to do?
You don’t need to lift a finger. We will be upgrading communities in batches starting in late-November/early December.

Can you give me the exact date of when my community will be changed?

Yes, we will give you heads-up closer to the date. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have questions.

Why now?

This overhaul is our first in 7 years. As part of this project we’ve added some key features that we think you and your members are going to love. For reference this was what 2014 looked like.

What’s in this for me?
This long-overdue upgrade is more than a facelift. We’e added some new features that we think are going to be valuable to you and your community:

  • Faster performance

  • In-line submission so members can submit ideas without losing context while browsing ideas

  • Modern UX

  • New Profile Page for better member engagement

  • Robust search capabilities

  • Updated Leaderboards (Kudos Received, Kudos Given, Ideas, Comments, Votes, Total Engagement)

  • Custom Pages moving to Explore dropdown

  • Configurable Sidebar (per campaign)

  • Dark Mode (coming soon)

  • Richtext/Markdown Support (coming soon)

  • Configurable Landing Pages (coming soon)

What about my tabs?

We’re no longer supporting custom tabs, but all of your custom pages will be available in the new Explore dropdown. We will move all of your custom tabs to the Explore dropdown, and you can determine which order you would like to display them in. Moving forward all NEW custom pages will be added to the Explore dropdown by default.

What about my landing page?

Your landing page will remain as-is for now. We will be rolling out new configurable landing pages early next year. We’re excited to introduce a number of new templates to choose from. More on this soon.

This is nice, but I would like to stick with my current interface. Can I just keep what I have?
All communities are getting migrated. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are launching a new campaign, challenge, or initiative within this time frame that you would like assistance working around.

Will this result in any downtime?
Once the conversation starts the community will change in a matter of seconds.

What will the new idea submission look like?

Can you show me the new leaderboard?
We're adding new leaderboards based on Kudos Received, Kudos Given, Ideas Submitted, Comments, Votes and Total Engagement Actions.

What's this about a new Profile Page?

What does Advanced Search look like?

Is the mobile view changing?

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