IdeaScale aims to provide an easy and fast way to adapt to your corporate identity and offers a productized way to do this. This article explains the customization options for your new IdeaScale community’s custom landing page and the inner community pages. We’ve provided you with a number of options for quickly and beautifully representing your brand, while simultaneously ensuring code maintainability and mobile-responsiveness across diverse screen sizes.
Sample Communities:
Phoney Phones Inc:
Capital City:

Guidelines for Images, Strings & Font:

How to choose images that will look great on your community:

Quick Image Size Reference:
This article includes details for Hero / Slider Image, Community Banner, Community Logo, Campaign Banner and Email Banner.

Limits of Text and Font:

Landing Page Options:
This article explains the options available to you for building your Landing Page. These options include a Hero/Carousel, Welcome Area, Active Campaigns, General Text Area, Pinned Ideas, Callout Ideas, Discussion Tags and Video.

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