Community Settings >> Reports >> Export Data >> Export Member Data
 Community administrator can get quick information on the member registered with the community by downloading member data report. Member data can be exported in Excel or CSV file format. Additional information of leaderboard points and Community roles (if configured in community) can be exported along with Member data report.
If the community has the setting Hide my Identity enabled and any member chooses to keep his identity hidden will have the their Author's name in the Exports as Community Member and their email address as The author's identity is hidden.

Fields on exported excel sheet:

  • Member ID
  • Member Email address
  • Member Profile name
  • Date of registration
  • Source: (Upload/web)
  • Member Status: (Member status/Member Email status)
  • Ideas Submitted
  • Votes Contributed
  • Comments Contributed
  • Points Earned (Optional)
  • Community Role (Optional)
  • Custom Field(s) e.g 'Function' and 'Region' are member profile question shown in below screenshot

Note: 1 Source=Upload means administration invited user through community; Source=Web means user registered from community website.
 2.Status column in report is in
Member status/Member Email status format. For e.g member/verified;member/sent.

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