Path: Community Settings >> General Settings >> Emails and Notifications >> Digest Emails
This section includes various settings to customize the no. of ideas, day, etc of digest email notifications sent to the community members for updates on the new activities within the community. It also shows the log of the digest emails sent to the community.

Basic Settings

Advanced Settings

Digest Emails: Basic

Toggling the switch to Basic will show the following settings:

1) Weekly Digest Schedule: The desired day can be set for sending out the weekly digest to all community members who have opted for it. Note: This setting will also apply as the day Moderator's digest is sent out.
2) Idea No. Limit for Digests: The community administrator can define the number of ideas that can be included within the digest email. By default it is set to "0" which means all the ideas can be received in the digest. If it is set to say 5 then only 5 ideas will be seen in the weekly digest even though the ideas submitted during the week are more than that.
3) Digest Notification (Globally): Turning this switch to OFF will disable all the digest emails (Daily & weekly) for all the community members. Those who have set a digest email for email notification will not receive an email notification for community activity unless it is set to 'Real-time'. This can be changed under Personal Settings >> Notifications >> Settings

Digest Emails: Advanced

Toggling the switch to Advanced will show the following setting in addition to the Basic settings mentioned above:

4) Include Ideas from Private Campaign in Digest Notification: Turning ON this setting will include ideas from the private campaigns along with the other ideas in the digest notifications only of the members of the private campaign.
5) Trending Digest Notification: When turned ON, a separate email containing trending ideas will be sent to the users who have enabled it as per their profile notification setting.

Digest Email Log: The log shows the digest emails which went out or bounced along with the subject of the email and the date of dispatch.

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