Path: Community Settings >> Member Management >> Members

This section allows the administrator of the community to invite, assign, and change status of user with regards to participation in a community. 

Basic Settings

Advanced Settings

Members: Basic

Add Members
The administrator can invite people to his community by adding their email addresses in this section.
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Search / Manage Members
This section allows to search or filter members within the community using various filters and parameters.
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Bulk Import Members
Large number of users can be invited to the community at once using this tool via excel file upload.
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Bulk Update Member Status
The status of all the members within the community can be updated all at once using this tool.
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Member Profile Questions
This section allows the administrator to collect additional information from the members during registration itself as well as after registration.
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Members: Advanced

Bulk Upload Members Status
This section helps you to update or change the status of the existing members at one go. Member, current status could be in Pending approval, Approved or Banned and can be changed by uploading an Excel sheet of the required member to the new status.

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Bulk Upload Username
This section allows to upload the usernames for existing members of the community.

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