Community Settings >> General Settings >> Emails and Notifications >> General Email Settings

1) From Name : A specific name can be entered in this field instead of the default (community name) which will appear as sender in all the emails which comes from your community.

2) 3rd Party SMTP Service : Incase of customized 'From Email address' , this setting needs to be set up by switching the button to 'On'. It opens up the options to connect to SMTP via SSL. Specify the SMTP Host Server, SMTP Port, SMTP Username and the Password

We can also validate SMTP by using the Validate button which will helps us determine if the information provided is correct and it functions properly. In case there is an error it will provide us with View SMTP Error link.
Please Note: Make sure all required fields like SMTP Host Server, SMTP Port, SMTP Username and the Password are specified correctly when "3rd Party SMTP Service" is enabled in your community. If these fields are left empty, it will NOT send any notification emails from IdeaScale to any user, eg: Password Reset emails, invitation emails and notifications etc.
 5) Custom Email Banner : A custom email banner can be set instead of the default IdeaScale one by uploading the custom banner in Community File Library followed by its selection from the custom email banner dropdown. Ideally it should be 650 pixels wide in size and there is no restriction in the height but the recommended is 150 pixels.

 6) Email Transport Debugging : When turned on, email's that are sent will have their debug trail logged.

Please refer to this help article for more information:

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