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This section contains most of the global settings and information for your community, including your community URL, community name, and basic settings affecting the community as a whole which is categorized as Basic and Advanced Settings with the help of a toggle switch.

Basic Settings

Advanced Settings


General Settings: Basic

Community Link

Community Settings
Approval Required

System Settings

The change in URL of the community can be requested by contacting IdeaScale support via email in case the URL you mentioned during community creation need to be changed.

Community Settings:

Community settings allow you to edit or change the basic information about your community like name, title, status, language, etc.
Help article on Community Settings:

Approvals Required:

Community settings allow community administrator's to control idea and comment submitted by the members in the community.

Help article on Approvals Required:

System Settings:

This section helps you to set the system-level settings like community visibility and default campaign.

You can set you community visibility to Public or Private by toggling the switch for Private campaign
Help article on Private community:
 The default campaign setting enables you to specify a campaign as default to will all the ideas will be directed to unless the user selects a particular campaign into which the idea is to be submitted.

General Settings: Advanced

Custom Domain

Search Engine Optimization


Custom Domain:

Custom domain settings allow you to link your IdeaScale community to your own domain rather than your default community link URL.
Help article on Custom Domain:

Search Engine Optimization:

This section helps you to add meta keywords and descriptions for SEO.

Enter the Keywords and description you would like to be shown up when searched via search engines and click 'Save Changes'.

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