Community Settings >> Security >> Access Restrictions >> IP Based Access Restriction
 Community Settings >> General Settings >> Campaigns >> Edit Campaign >> IP Based Access Restriction

 IP based access restriction allows the administrator to control access to the community based on IP (Internet Protocol) address. Only those users who access the community from the defined IP addresses are allowed to view and participate in the community.
 This feature can be set at 2 levels.
 1) At Community Level
 2) At Campaign Level
 Restriction At Community Level
 Community Settings >> Security >> Access Restriction >> IP Based Access Restriction
 Setting up IP address restriction at this level will prevent users from other IP address range to access the whole community. Though the community administrator will always be able to access the community from anywhere.

 If you are using Proxy Server, then provide the external IP address of the Proxy Server. Otherwise, simply enter the network address using the "*" wildcard. If you have more than one network, you can specify them by separating using "," comma.
 This feature is available only on Private communities using Enterprise Subscription.

Note: IP Based Access Restriction will disable, if a private community is changed to public community.
 Restriction At Campaign Level

 Community Settings >> General Settings >> Campaigns >> Edit Campaign >> IP Based Access Restriction
 Using the IP based access restriction at Campaign level ,the Administrator may choose to restrict users with specified IP addresses to access the campaign . The campaign will not be visible to the users who do not match the specified criteria thus restricting them the access to the campaign. Though they will still be able to see rest of the campaigns and participate in it.

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