Path: Community Settings >> General Settings >> Community Info >> Community Settings
The Global Community Settings panel allows the administrator to edit the main components of their IdeaScale community including the community's name, welcome title, it is status and the default language of the community.

Community settings is part of the Basic Setting.

  1. Community Name: Administrators can enter any name which they would like to be displayed on the homepage and all the emails received by the community members.

  2. Status: Administrator can set the status of your community to Active, Disabled, Vote Only, or Idea Submission Only depending on the activity or phase they would like within the community.
    Help Article on different Status of IdeaScale communities:

  3. Language: The administrator can change the system prompts to a different language by choosing your desired language from the drop-down box. The community will be displayed in the selected language by default for the members who have not selected a preferred language in their Profile.

  4. Default Community Timezone: The default timezone will be always considered as America/Los Angeles. Use can select any other timezone as per the region.

  5. Default Community Date Format: By default, the users who have not set any preferred date format in their profile, will see all the data within the community in the default format select by the administrator here.

  6. Allow users to set their own timezone during sign-up: Enabling this setting permits the users to set their own timezone apart from the ones set up by the administrator of the community.

  7. Monthly Leaderboard: The leaderboard Kudos per month will be visible to all the users by setting the Monthly Leaderboard to ON

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