Path: Community Settings >> Workflow >> Funnel Management >> Estimate stage
 The estimate function provides the possibility to evaluate the idea on how much it could be worth if it was to be monetized in a certain currency.

Estimate Stage Settings 

  1. Stage Function: Select Estimate stage from drop down menu. Once selected and saved, this section will be greyed out and cannot be changed to other stage

  2. Stage Name: Create a custom name/label for selected stage. Note: Character limit is 40.

  3. Description: Describe stage functionality or how you would like to use this stage. This description will be mouseover text on stages stack on right navigation of community homepage

  4. Call to Action Customization: This setting allows you to customize the CTA block in the homepage.
    Note: The character limit is 12.

  5. Stage Change Notification: Enabling this triggers an email notification on the stage change of the ideas.

  6. Enable: This indicates that the stage is active and ready for use. When enabled, the stage will be reflected on the right navigation of the community homepage

  7. Currency Type: Select one of the currency type from the dropdown. Currency can be USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, HKD, CHF.

  8. If Stage Automation is "ON", ideas in Estimate will move to the next Stage when they meet the target threshold below: Enabling this switch will move the ideas automatically to the next stage when the threshold set for the stage is met.

  9. Target Threshold: Number of completed estimates: The number specified in this setting will be the target for completed estimates to move the ideas to the next stage.

  10. Permitted to submit value and cost estimates: All community members or groups of selected members can submit value estimates, cost estimates, and view ROI result.

  11. Permitted to view current estimates for value, cost and ROI: All community members or groups of selected members can only view value estimate, cost estimates, and view ROI results.

Estimate Stage Functionality on home page

Once an idea gets in the estimate stage, assigned group members can click on 'SUBMIT ESTIMATE' button which will redirect to the idea details page having two sets of question
 The first set is meant to estimate the cost and comprises the following questions:
 -What is the MOST that this idea could cost to implement?
 -What is a REASONABLE cost to implement this idea? and
 -What is the LEAST that this idea could cost to implement?
 And the second set to estimate values, comprises of the following questions:
 -What is the MOST that this idea could be worth?
 -What is a REASONABLE amount that this idea would be worth?
 -What is the LEAST that this idea could be worth?
The community member can estimate the idea as such by entering digits. For validation purpose, only digits are accepted, and the value of the “Low” cost cannot be higher than the one of the “Medium”, similarly the medium cost cannot be higher than the “High”.
Once all set, click on the button “SUBMIT ESTIMATE”. System will take all estimates, average it and provide with final ROI figure 

Participants who are not permitted to view or participate will not see the progress bar, Return on Investment percentage nor Average estimated value and cost.

Here is a short video of how to set up Estimate stage:

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