Path: Community settings >> Reports >> Population Breakdown.
The population breakdown report gives information on community members with regard to following three sections:
 1. Member Status
 2. Email domain
 3. Custom User Profile
 1) Member Status: Shows the current status of member in the community. Member status can be:

  • Pending - Moderator has not approved user’s account
  • Member - Approved member in the community.
  • Banned - Banned by administrator from participating in the community
  • Merged - Members who merged secondary email address with primary

Note: Member status breakdown is shown percent-wise on a pie chart. To get exact number navigate to Community Settings >> Member Management >> Search/ Filter >> Membership
 2) Email Domain: shows breakdown of domains associated with community member's email address e.g.,, etc. Breakdown is shown by a horizontal bar chart.

3) Custom User Profile: shows total number of community member who have answered member profile question in the community. Breakdown is given by horizontal bar chart along with figure

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