Community Settings >> General Settings >> Email and Notifications >> Notification Emails
This section helps the administrator to set a lifespan for the validity of various links provided in the notification emails like verification or password reset.

 1) Email Verification Notification : Administrator of the community can always contact support to change the life span of the link in the verification email which is sent to a user. If the user tries to click on it after it has expired, he will be taken to the community login page instead of directly auto logging into the community.
 2) Member Passwordless Authorization : This is for the users of superwidget used by some customer where clicking the login will send them an email with login link. The expiry span for this link can be set here. Please refer to:
 3) Member Password Reset : This is to set timeframe for the validation of member password reset email which is received for 'Forgot Password'. The administrator can always contact support in case they wish to change or set the time to 0 Hours 0 Minutes, which will result in the link being active forever.
 4) Badge Notification : Enabling this switch will send out badges notification to the community members regarding New Badges received or lost by them. Only users receiving or losing badges will receive a badge notification email. Only few badges can be given by administrator of the community to any member. Also few badges can specifically be earned by moderators only.
 5) Lookback Notification : Enabling this notification will send a lookback reminder to the idea submitter if his idea has not been moved in specific number of days. The number of days can also be set in here as well as the stages for which it has to be sent. 

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