Sometimes a member may want to participate in a conversation, but not share his identity with the rest of the IdeaScale community. IdeaScale allows one to hide your avatar picture, first name, last name from other users (email address, by default, is always hidden).
The option to hide your identity throughout the community is available right from the point when we register into a community. This option will be displayed only if the administrator has enabled it in the community.

A member can choose the hide / unhide his profile easily from his profile settings.

  • When a user happens to be a member of multiple communities he has the choice to keep his identity 'Hidden' in a few selected communities by clicking on the checkbox.

  • Unchecked boxes in front of the community name indicate that the user has not opted to hide his identity in those communities.

  • The words '(Not Applicable)' indicate that the Community Administrator has decided against allowing 'Hidden Identity' and turned off the settings to do so. In these communities, the member has no option to remain anonymous.

Once the identity of a member is hidden, his activities in the community are listed under the label 'Community Member'

The settings listed below let the Community Administrator control the "Hidden Identity" of the members.
Community Settings >> Customization >> Customize Site Behavior >> User Profile Screen>>Force Community-Wide Anonymity: Lets the Administrator hide the identity of all the community members. This means all the members now will be labeled as 'Community Member'

  • Community Settings >>Customize Site Behavior >>User Profile Screen>>Hide My Identity: Lets the Administrator takes away the user's ability to hide his identity (remain anonymous) in that community.

  • Community Settings >>Customize Site Behavior >>User Profile Screen>>Default Value for 'Hide My Identity': When turned On by the Administrator, the identity of any new user who registers on the community is by default 'Hidden'. The member can uncheck the box if they wish to reveal their identity.

Can users remain completely anonymous at IdeaScale, even to the community administrator?
No. A user must register and verify their email/identity with IdeaScale (unless the community is SSO), but their identity is known only to the account administrator. Our research and other research in the idea management space have proven that the lack of accountability in total anonymity is severely damaging to the integrity of the community. (This style of anonymity also potentially leads to an uncomfortable workplace atmosphere outside of IdeaScale).

Path: CommunitySettings>>Engagement>>Campaigns>>Update Campaign

The administrator of the community can enable Anonymous Idea and Comment Submission. This feature enables the members to submit ideas and comment anonymously in the specific campaign while in other campaigns the member name will still appear.

Every member will have to enable the "Submit Idea Anonymously" switch while submitting the idea. This would reflect only for campaigns that have the above setting enabled by the administrator.

Every member will have to enable the checkbox "Submit Comment Anonymously" in order to hide the identity of the submitter.

Reports: Any report exported in a community that has 'Force Community-Wide Anonymity' or the administrator of the community has enabled 'Hide My Identity' feature and the user has selected to be hidden in that case the reports will have the author name as Community Member and the author's email address as The author's identity is hidden.

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