What type of videos does IdeaScale Support?

You can upload the following file types:

mp4, m4a, mp3, ogv, ogg, oga, webm, webmv, wav, .obj, .stl, and .stp

What type of Images does IdeaScale Support?

gif, bmp, png, jpg, jpeg, ico

Please Note: 

  1. The below-mentioned file type are not supported by browsers due to which it cannot be previewed.
    videos: flv, wmv, mpg, m3u8
    audios: m4a
    images: tif, tiff, svg

  2. Individual file size should not exceed 25MB. Smaller the file, faster it will load up!

  3. CMYK color mode is for print media and RGB is for Electronic Media (Monitor, TV, Phone etc)/ Web. Make sure that the uploaded file must be saved in RGB color mode otherwise the image color might change texture in web view.

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