Path: Community Settings >> Workflow >> Funnel Management >> Refine Stage
 Refine Stage Settings

  1. Stage Function: Select Refine stage from drop down. Once selected and saved, this section will be greyed out and cannot be changed to other stage
  2. Stage Name: Create a custom name/label for selected stage
  3. Description: Describe stage functionality or how you would like to use this stage. This description will be mouseover text on stages stack on right navigation of community homepage
  4. Stage Change Notification: Enabling this triggers an email notification on the stage change of  the ideas.
  5. Enable Stage: This indicates that stage is active and ready for use. When enabled, stage will be reflected on right navigation of community homepage
  6. Edit Default Introduction to Refinement Questions: This setting helps us to customise the default introduction to the Refinement questions of your choice.

 Stage Specific Settings: Refine (Custom Field)
 Custom Fields: Create new custom field by clicking 'add new' link on top right corner of refine stage specific setting. This will popover a new window with following fields
  Label: Name of refine custom field
  Field Type: Type of refine custom field. e.g single choice, multiple choice, large text etc
  Required: When ON, the field is made mandatory to answer
  Private Field: Responses of the users can be kept confidential by marking the fields as "Private" .

 Add and repeat same procedure to set additional refinement questions. You can also set refinement questions with questions having different types of expected response like Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Attachment as well. It is also possible to migrate these refinement questions to idea submission custom field (Community Settings>> Workflow>> Idea submission>>Idea Custom Fields) or other refine stage. Once migrated this fields will move from current stage to selected option from dropdown menu (idea submission or other refine stage) as shown below

Stage Automation Settings: Refine 

  • Automatically move ideas to next stage if all Refinement questions have been answered: This setting allows the smooth transition of all the ideas who has the refinement questions answered once enabled.
  • Permitted to edit refinement questions and answers: Only idea team members can participate in refine stage i.e Team formed in build team stage can view refinement questions and submit/edit responses.
  • Permitted to view refinement questions and answers: : All community members or group of selected members can view refinement questions and responses on the idea detail page. Help article on groups
  • Refine Stage Functionality on home page

 Clicking on REFINE IDEA button will open idea detail page with idea refinement questions. Team members who are part of idea team can participate by submitting/editing responses as shown above. Community members who are restricted to participate but permitted to view stage can view refine stage question & answers on idea detail page.

Refine stage offers the members selected in this stage to see a Revision History of all the refinement answers edited by the members during the life of an idea in the refinement stage.

Clicking on Show Revision History will expand and show all the history of revision made on the refinement answers.

Here is a short video of how to set up Refine stage:

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