Using the IdeaScale platform members can send private messages to the other members by clicking on their name from leaderboard, idea submitter name, commenter, kudo counter, in-app notification, stage activity on idea detail page etc. Simply click on the member's name and go into their profile.

Ways to Send PM

Compose Private Message


Sent Messages

Email Notification

Ways to Send PM (Private Message)

1. Send PM option on member's profile page

Clicking on the member's name would navigate to the Member profile page where Send PM option can be seen which open's the pop up to compose the message.

2. From member's own Profile page

Another way to send a PM is from a member's own profile page. Navigate to Profile >> Messages >> Compose (Pen icon)

Compose Private message

To: For adding a member in the To field, start typing their display name. A list will appear with the matching result to select from. Multiple members can be added here.

Subject: Add in a subject line for the message.

Body: Add in the message content. The message can be customized using rich text editing. Help article on Rich text editing:


Members receiving the PM will see a new message alert on their top bar.

Clicking on the View All Messages button or the message itself will take them to the inbox under Profile >> Messages >> Inbox

They can reply to the PM from there itself.

Sent Messages

The Private messages sent by the user can be viewed under Profile >> Messages >> Sent

Members may choose to delete the sent messages by clicking on the trashcan icon which appears upon hovering the messages.

Email notification

There is also an email notification sent to the member who has been sent a private message.

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