Path: Community Settings >> General Settings >> Emails and Notifications >> Idea Sharing via Email to any Email Address
This email tool allows members to send an idea to all the registered users in the community as well as to people who are not IdeaScale users. Thus the Administrator can use this tool to his benefit and get more people interested to participate in the community.

This setting falls under the Basic setting.

The members would be able to send out emails to non IdeaScale members only if the administrator has enabled the option of Idea Sharing via Email to Any Address.

Steps to Email an idea
1) Click on the title of the idea to be sent out. This opens the Idea Detail Page. Click on the Share Idea Icon as shown below.

2) Click on the Email idea option, which opens a new page to fill in the details. 

3) Enter the email address in the “To” box. (Use commas to separate multiple email addresses.)
4) Click on the “BCC Me” checkbox if you would like a copy.
5) If required, edit the Subject and the Description.
6) Click on the Submit button.

Once the email is sent successfully, you will be taken to the home page of the community.

The email received will be as below in the screenshot.

Please Note: Idea share via email (to non community members) feature will work for a public community. Also, Idea share via email from a private campaign to unauthorized members will not be possible.

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