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Custom URL without "" for communities

IdeaScale customers at the Enterprise subscription can set a custom domain for their IdeaScale communities. In order to get the custom domain option to work correctly you will need to add/modify your domain's DNS settings. If you are not aware of what DNS is or if you do not have access to update your DNS records, please contact your internal IT staff or your system administrator for more information. IdeaScale Technical Support cannot help you setup DNS for your domain.
Following are the steps:

1. Add a CNAME DNS Record to your existing domain - Eg. and point it to


 Note: Do not add an A-Record, You must use a CNAME Record Type

 2. After adding the CNAME DNS Record, make sure that the IP Address resolves to the same IP address as - You can try ping to make sure that the address resolution is working correctly. If you did step one correctly, ping should resolve to one of our server cluster IP addresses.

 3. After setting up CNAME you need to set Custom Domain name  

4. IdeaScale will be migrating away from for CNAME entries. Please update your CNAME entry to the new entry, as soon as possible so as not to experience outages with your system.
You can configure custom domain without using 'WWW' by redirecting to

Please note: When DNS records have been changed it takes about 24 hours for the changes to propagate and take effect. Only after that you will be able to see the result of the DNS changes you have made.

SSL for Custom Domains
Only Enterprise subscription holders using custom domains may configure communities to use SSL. You will need to provide IdeaScale with your SSL certificate, and you must have control of your DNS settings to be able to create a CNAME (i.e., subdomain) record.
Contact IdeaScale's Sales Department for more information.

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