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ReviewScale is a customizable decision matrix that allows administrators to identify the most valuable ideas in line with company objectives. Administrator can define cost, value and constraint factors, evaluate ideas by rating them on Low to High scale with help of reviewer team and identify best idea by adjusting weightage of set factors.

  • ReviewScale Stage Settings
  1. Stage Function: Select Review stage from drop down. Once selected and saved, this section will be greyed out and cannot be changed to other stage
  2. Stage Name: Create a custom name/label for selected stage
  3. Description: Describe stage functionality or how you would like to use this stage. This description will be mouseover text on stages stack on right navigation of community homepage
  4. Enabled: This indicates that stage is active and ready for use. When enabled, stage will be reflected on right navigation of community homepage.
  1. Value Factor: Define Value factors as per your business criteria.
  2. Value Reviewer Team: Choose Value Factor Reviewer team; Team can be Single member, team based on team roles or Groups.
  3. Cost Factor: Define Cost factors as per your business criteria.
  4. Cost Reviewer Team: Choose Cost Factor Reviewer team; Team can be Single member, team based on team roles or Groups.
  5. Constraint Factors: Define Constraint factors if any.
  6. Constraint Reviewer Team: Choose Constraint Factor Reviewer team; Team can be Single member, team based on team roles or Groups.
  7. Reviewers May Edit Reviews Until Stage is Complete: Editing option will be available to the reviewers until the idea is in this stage. There will be a link named "Edit Rank" which can be used to make the changes.
  8. Comment Tab Enabled: Enabling the comment tab displays two sections in comment titled 'Community' and 'name of the funnel created for Reviewscale (in the below screenshot it is Reviewscaling due the funnel name).                             

The Community tab should be used for any comments on the idea.                                                                                                      

The second tab named Reviewscaling should be used for any comments by the reviewers for the stage.

Please Note: Comments on “Community” will be visible for the all community members and  Comments on “Review Stage ”  will be visible only for the members who are permitted to participate in the review stage.

 Stage Automation Settings:                                              

Enabling stage automation moves the ideas to the next stage when all the reviewers have completed with their reviews.

Permitted to review ideas: This will be only the set of people who are selected in the reviewers team.

Permitted to view current reviews and scores: Any group selected will be able to view the reviews ad scores of the ideas in reviewscale.

ReviewScale Stage Functionality on home page:

Reviewer team from concerned area of expertise chosen by administrator rate idea's impact on value and cost factor from Low to High scale. Constraint factor is single selection type (Yes/No)
ReviewScale dashboard: Once all ideas are rated by reviewer team, Administrator can see all data collected on ReviewScale dashboard. Here administrator can identify idea with best impact ratio (ROI) by adjusting slider across cost and value factors. These data can be viewed in form of idea chart or table view. Final reviewscale data can be exported in excel sheet format.

In case administrator finds difficult to judge between important factors, there is a way to optimize weights. Optimize weight allows administrator to do simple pairwise comparison between two factor at a time. 

When cost and value factor weights are reset, initial slider position is set between two factor. Administrator can complete pairwise comparison and save changes. This will automatically assign weights as per comparison inputs and help administrator find out which factor is more important.
Here is a short video of how to set up Reviewscale stage:

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