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Custom Fields on Ideas: Allows administrators to collect additional information about ideas during idea submission. 

Search Custom Fields
As you see in the below image we have designed a search option which will help to search the required details on basis of Field Key, By campaign or By Response type. For Example selecting the desired campaign will bring up custom fields associated with that particular campaign.

You also have any option to see the answers of all the Single choice and Multiple choice questions as you hover over the Response type.

Custom Field on Ideas has also pages set up which will display 10 custom field at a time. Thus segregating the custom field from a long list in a stretch. 

Add New Custom Field on Ideas

 1. Label : Enter the label name.

2. Field Key: This is a unique key word field which will be required to helps us later search the custom field out of the many fields created.

3. Expected Response Type :Select the desired option from the following field types :

 Free Form Text :

  • Single Line Text Box
  • Large Text/Description

Location :

  • US Zip Code
  • US Zip Code >> Congressional District


  • URL/Hyperlink
  • YouTube Video
  • Screenr Video
  • HapYak video
  • Date (mm/dd/yy)
  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Check box
  • Attachment

In the below screenshot the idea custom field named Impact of Idea in which the expected response is attachment. You can easily drag and drop the file.

Note: While using the field type Single Choice or Multiple Choice you can use a Separator "<<<------>>>". To add an option group, enclose the group name with "<<< ---->>> " 

Below is the screenshot of Single type field with Option groups :

 4. Global Custom Field : Set the switch to "ON" to mark the custom field as Global (applicable to all campaigns in the community) . When set to "OFF", a list of campaigns appear . Choose the campaigns for which the custom fields would be applicable by setting the switches to "ON" thus making the fields campaign specific.

Note: Change of campaign, when editing an Idea, is prevented when custom fields are campaign specific.
 Custom fields on ideas appear on the idea submission form and prompt idea submitters to include additional targeted information about the idea.
 5. Required :  When ON, the field is made mandatory for users. While submitting an ideas,the users cannot leave these fields blank.
 6. Private Field : Responses of the users can be kept confidential by marking the fields as "Private" . Only Moderators can see the responses from the Moderator's dashboard or in summary view.
 Note: The moderators see the words "Private" , in blue color, on all these Custom fields made Private thus making it easier to separate them from the non-private fields.
7. Moderator Field : When custom fields are marked as Moderator Field , only Moderators of the community will be able to see and input values in the custom field. These custom fields will not be visible to normal users on the idea submission form.
8. Visible to normal members :The Admins would be able to see and enable this option only if the "Moderator Field" option is set to "ON" otherwise this option remains hidden from the Admin's view.
 Enabling this option makes the custom field values / text inputted by the moderators Visible to normal members on the respective Ideas submitted by the moderator .
9. Team Only Field : When ON , only Idea Submitter, Idea Owner, Team members and moderators can view the submitted values in custom fields marked as "Team". Custom field marked as Team would be visible on Idea Submission form to all but only the Idea Submitter, Idea Owner, Team members and moderator would be able to see the responses for the custom field question.
 10. Editable Only By Moderators : Custom fields when marked as "Editable Only By Moderators" operate alongside "Team members fields" . When both of these are enabled , values can be inputted or edited only by the moderators however the entire team ( Idea Submitter, Idea Owner, Team members and moderators) would be able to see the custom field values
 11. Visible in Summary Views : When the setting "Visible in Summary Views" is turned on all users will be able to see the custom field values on the summary view of the idea. However if the "Team members field" is enabled then only team members would be able to see the custom field values in Summary view.
In the below screenshot you will see 'Occupation', 'Hap Yak' and 'Multiple Choice' are the custom fields of which the ones marked with red star is required.

Custom fields on Ideas can be revised/edited by the users If its his own idea. They'll have the option to edit their own idea and change the values of the custom fields. In addition, moderators can also edit these fields when they edit an idea .

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