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 This article will walk you through all the settings to customize the community behavior ( Interaction with the users)


Home Page View: Selects the default tab to be selected when someone visits the Community home page

  • Popular Ideas - Displays the ideas posted sorted by the number of net votes
  • Recent Items - Displays the ideas posted sorted by time - most recent up top.
  • Hot Items - Displays the Hot Ideas

Homepage Login Prompt: When turned "ON", the login box pops up, as soon as the user goes to the community login page.
Display Full Idea Description on Mouseover of Idea Title: Displays full description of the idea when the mouse pointer hovers upon the idea title.
Disable Up/Down Vote Count: Displays the votes in Scale mode instead of Net Vote Count.
Hide Net Votes: Hide the number of votes gained by an idea.
Allow To Retract Votes:
Allows the member to change his vote any time after he has voted.
Vote Down: Disables the ability to vote an idea down. Only available when you have Up/Down Voting selected in  Global System Settings: Voting System.
Voting In List View: Displays a 'Vote' tab instead of 'Vote Up' and 'Vote Down' tabs
Idea Summary: When an Idea reaches a threshold where it will make the Idea box grow in any list view, the system automatically truncates the description and shows a more link, which will expand to the full text. This switch will turn this setting On or Off.
Hide Insecure Content while viewing Community in HTTPS: Some browsers display warnings or display alarming messages to users when HTTP (non-encrypted) content is shown while viewing an HTTPS (encrypted) page. Some of the features of IdeaScale include insecure content provided by third parties such as Twitter and Facebook social networking integration.
Turning this switch ON will disable features that use an insecure connection (HTTP) to fetch data while on secure (HTTPS) pages.
 [Note: Enabling this feature in conjunction with  SSL will disable some features site-wide (Social Networking for example) because all pages will be rendered in a secure connection.]
Campaign Dropdown: Shows Campaigns in a Dropdown menu instead of displaying the whole list.
Show "Off Topic" Link Alongside Campaigns: When turned ON, a category displaying "Off Topic" ideas appear in the list of existing campaigns.
Show end-date of each campaign in the sidebar: Shows 'End date' (Expiry date) of a campaign besides its name on the homepage.
Hide Moderator List From Normal Members: Hides the Avatar of all the moderators from the members.
Auto Suggest Similar Ideas During Idea Submission: Display ideas with similar words in title in the idea submission form while submitting idea.
Only include ideas from active campaigns in suggestion field: Ideas from active campaigns will be displayed in suggestion field.
Collect Geo Location Data: When the switch is ON, the Administrator can track Geo Location of the users provided the users have permitted their browsers to allow tracking Geo location.
Exclude archived campaign from statistics: When enabled, Idea/votes/comments data is excluded from usage statistics displayed on sidebar of community homepage.
Move deleted ideas to Recycle Bin: When enabled, deleted ideas are stored in recycle bin status. When disabled, deleted ideas are permanently deleted without being stored in recycle bin status.
Allow to delete idea from the recycle bin: Enabling this option allows us to delete the ideas from the recycle bin permanently.
Go to Idea Details Page when clicking the "More" Link: Ideas with large description are cut short in summary view using 'more' link. When this switch is ON, clicking on 'more' link opens idea in idea detail page other wise idea will expand on summary page itself.
Exclude private ideas from statistics: Enabling this will exclude all private ideas from the statistics shown in campaign activity.

Hide Community Logo from Community Banner: In case you wish to see only the Community Banner without the community logo in the homepage.

Default view is Grid View: Enabling this switch displays the ideas in a grid pattern displaying more ideas at a time.

Help Article:

 Idea Details Screen

Allow to Email Idea Author: Allows the administrator to email the author/owner of the idea
 Vote Activity Module: When turned ON, the vote activity stream is visible on the Idea Detail Screen.
 File Attachment Support: When OFF it disables the Upload/File Attachment Module in the Idea Details Screen
 Report Duplicate Ideas: Disables the ability to report duplicate ideas - typically visible for normal users when they hover over any Idea.

User Profile Screen

User Activity Module: When "ON" the activity stream is visible on Member page.

Notifications Module: Enabling this helps you to track all the notifications under the user profile section.
 Force Community-Wide Anonymity: When "ON" Hides identity of all the members in the community.
 'Hide My Identity': When the switch is ON, the Admin permits the users to hide their identity in the Community. When OFF it disallows the ability of a user to hide their identity by updating their profile.
 Default Value for 'Hide My Identity': When this option is enabled any new user trying to register with this community, will see Hide My Identity enabled by default on the registration page. However users still can disable it from the registration page.

Allow Members to upload profile picture: Only after we enable this setting will the members get an option to upload a profile picture of their own.

Feedback Widget

Allow to Enter Tags in Feedback Widget: Allows the users to add tags to an idea via Feedback widget
 Show Link to Community Homepage in Feedback Widget: Shows a link of the community in Feedback widget.


Send Idea Summary in Digest Email: Allows sending the idea summary in Daily/Weekly digest email notification
Listed in Topbar Menu: When OFF, community name does not appear in the Topbar Menu. eg.:- "Listed in the Topbar Menu" is turned OFF for the community "Book Reviews" hence the name of the community does not appear in the community names list accessible from Topbar Menu.

Collapse Active Campaign List by Default: Enabling this will have the list of active campaigns hidden in the right side of the homepage.

Show choice Custom Fields on search filter: Switching this On will add in an option of Filter by Custom field which will display all the single and multiple choice field answers.

Show attachment on Idea Detail: This will display the attachment along with the description of the idea.

Hide similar Ideas preview: Enabling this removes the link 'Show Similar Ideas' that is displayed in the Idea Details page, Activity tab.
 Automatically vote for own idea: When ON, Idea submitter automatically votes on own idea as soon as idea is submitted.
 Support Emojis in your community: Enabling this setting allows the users the use of Emojis in the community.

Unsupported Browser detect Enable: Enabling this gives a pop-up whenever we try to login via Unsupported browser.

Engagement Features

Show Action of the Day: Enabling this setting will display Action of the day as a section on the right side bar of the homepage with three actions you could do and would also earn points after the action gets completed. NOTE: This feature will not be visible 30 days after the first login by the user.

Social Share Options

Support Sharing to Twitter, Facebook and Google+: This setting allows you to share the community details on social web like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ along with customising an image, title and description to go along with it when posted on these sites.

Please Note Google+ share is not supported for private communities. If yours is a private community, Google + will not appear as a sharing option, even when this setting is on.

Support Sharing to LinkedIn: Enabling this will allow you to use this share it on Linkedin.

Support Sharing via Email: Enabling this will allow you to use this share it on email.

Sharing Settings for Community Pages: 

Share Image: While sharing or setting up an image it is recommended to have its size of 1600px x 800px with an approximately 160px padding to both left and right side of the image.

Page Title: You can customise a title to go along with the community post when shared on these social sites.

Page Description: There can be a description customised to be displayed along with the post for your community.

Twitter Default Tweet:

Idea Share: You could set up a tweet when a idea is shared. You would need to use this variable {ideaTitle} and {ideaUrl}.

The idea url should be provided in a shortened form that does not include the idea title e.g. would work.

Community Share: Setting up a customised tweet for a community when the community is shared.

Performance: This displays  the number of times the idea page and community page has been shared.

Please Note For Private Communities: 

  1. Social Share option does not work on Google+.
  2. For LinkedIn and Facebook, the community information can be shared, but specifics about ideas would not be.
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