A tag cloud is a visual depiction of the most popular tags within the community. Clicking a tag from tag cloud will show up all ideas associated with that particular tag. This is easy way to discern the topics covered in one quick look. Tag cloud is shown under the heading ‘What we’re discussing’ as show in below screenshot.

The font-size and placement indicates the relative importance of a tag. This means that the most commonly used tag words are displayed first in largest font size. In the image shown below "smartphone" is the most commonly used tag word followed by "travel”, “transportable “and so on. "traffic" is the least used tag.

 Number of tags in tag cloud depends upon settings configured in general tag settings.
 Help article for general tag settings:
 Rebuild Tag Cloud
 Community Settings >> Data Management >> Rebuild Data >>Rebuild Tag Cloud.
 In a community where tags are frequently added or removed, the tag cloud may continue showing few tags which were earlier in use but have been now removed or it may not display some newly added tags . To update the tag cloud with the correct data, the Administrator can Rebuild the tag cloud from the above path.

 The Community Owner receives an email notification on the successful Rebuilding of the Tag Cloud followed by confirmation message on dashboard.

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