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Export Audit Log provides reports having details of member's login activity and the Application events details. 

Audit Type: Member Authentication
Community administrator can check whether members were able to login successfully or failed authentication and what channel (identity) do member use to accessed the community.

Date Filter: download data for specific time period by inserting start date and end date
The following fields are included in the Excel or CSV file:

  1. Date/time: Date and time while login.
  2. IP: Network IP address of the user.
  3. Type:  Authentication success- Logged in successfully
               Authentication failure- Failed to log in due to incorrect email or password.
               Authentication success but declined- Failed to log in due to banned from               community participation.
  4. Mechanism: Email.token- authenticated using temporary verification or password                        reset link
                          Email.password- authenticated using IdeaScale credentials
                          Social login- authenticated using social network credentials.
  5. Source Name: This field will show user's profile name if user is granted access or else Anonymous due to incorrect email/password combination
  6. Source Email: Email address of the member which is registered with the community.
  7. Via Identity Type: Email or Social Login.
  8. Via Identity: Email address of user if above field is Email or link to profile page of social website if above field is social login.
  9. Target Name: This field will show use's profile name if target email is registered with community or else field will be blank due to invalid email address.
  10. Target Email: Email address of user at the time of log in.

Note: Source name/email is same as target name/email if authenticated successful

Audit Type: Application Events
This report will display all the reports that has been exported in the community by any of the administrators.

  1. Date/time: Date and time when the report was exported.
  2. Community: The name of the community.
  3. User: User name or profile name.
  4. Audit Type:  Name of the data exported.
  5. Audited Item Id: 
  6. Audited Item Name:  The community owners name.
  7. Audited Item Parameters: The parameters selected or enabled before exporting the data. For eg: If groups was not enabled the in the Export Member Data it will show as excel|false|false|America/Los_Angeles

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