Community Settings >> Workflow >> Idea submission >> Approval required
Community Administrator's may want to control members participation and idea/comment submissions . Moderation settings allows the Administrator to setup control for moderators:

  1. New Members Approval
  2. New Ideas Approval
  3. Allow to Enable New Idea Approval on Campaign level (Gets hidden when 'New Ideas Approval' is enabled)
  4. New Comments Approval
  5. Moderator ideas require approval (Appears when 'New Ideas Approval' is enabled)

Not sure if you have access to control this? Check out this help article on admin/moderator rights:

Enabling 'New Idea Approval' will show 'Moderator Ideas require approval' option.

If 'New Ideas Approval' is off, 'Allow to Enable New Idea Approval on Campaign level' will show up.

New Members Approval:
When this setting is ON , all the new members registering or joining the community will first require Moderator's approval to participate in the community.
What non approved member will see:
When the user logs in, he will not be able to participate in the community till the moderator approves his account. He will see a message "A Moderator has been notified to approve your account".

Where you can find your pending approval members:
The Moderators will be able to Approve or Reject the Pending members queue from Moderation Dashboard >> Members.

With each new user joining in or registering, the moderator will receive an email notification containing the Approve Link, Reject Link and a link which allows him to go to moderation dashboard. 

New Ideas Approval:
When ON, any idea submitted will first be routed to the Moderator for approval. When OFF, The Administrator sees the option to enable New Ideas Approval at Campaign Level. It works similarly to New Ideas Approval, the only difference is that ideas can now be either approved by Global Moderators or Campaign Moderators.
Administrators may choose not to have New Ideas Approval at all.
What Users see when submitting an idea:
User will see the typical message stating "Your Idea has been submitted".  However, the Voting block will show that the voting has been disabled for his idea (until it's been approved). Below the Voting block, the user will see the Idea Status as "Pending Approval". Screenshot example below. 

Once the user refreshes the page, they will be unable to view the idea on the Home Page nor will they be able to search for the idea till it is approved by the moderator. However, they can see the idea under My Community Activity >> Ideas Contributed .

What Moderators sees:
The Moderators can access the Pending Idea queue from the Moderation dashboard >> Ideas. They may then change the stage by clicking on the "Action" button. 

This can be also be done from new moderation dashboard - Community Settings >> Dashboard >> Moderation >> Incoming >> Ideas. And will show 'Moderate idea' option.

The moderators can approve from the idea itself on the front end too

Moderators are notified via email of new idea that is awaiting approval.

When a moderator's own idea is pending for approval, the will see the 'Moderate idea' option. But if they try to change the stage to an active one, they will get a message 'Moderator cannot approve his own ideas.' on front end as well as Moderation dashboard. Another moderator will need to approve it.

New Idea Approval on Campaign level: This switch when enabled will required an approval on Campaign level unlike the New Idea approval. Enabling this switch will add an extra switch named "New Ideas Approval" for all the campaigns under the privacy and access section in the campaign settings.

New Comment Approval:
The switch to enable 'New Comment Approval' is visible to the Administrator only when the "New Idea Approval" switch is enabled, till then this switch remains hidden switch
When ON, any comment submitted by users will first go for Moderator's approval .
What Users See:
"Your Comment will be published after it's approved by the moderators" above the comment box (screen shot below). 

Once the comment is submitted, it can no longer be edited by user until after approved. 

The user who has submitted the comment can see his own comment however the comment would not be visible to other users till the moderator approves the comment.

Once the comment is approved by the Moderator, the user will see his own comment in the color black.

What Moderators See:
The moderators will be able to view pending comments on the Moderation dashboard >> Comments. The Moderator may choose to 'Approve' or 'Reject' the comments.

It can also be done from new moderation dashboard - Community Settings >> Dashboard >> Moderation >> Incoming >> Comments. You will have option to 'Approve' the single comment or all comments from the idea at a time.

Comments can be approved from front end under idea details page by clicking on the words 'Approve Comment' or 'Remove Comment'

Moderators are notified via email of new comment that is awaiting approval.

Note: Moderators are notified via email for each new idea that is awaiting approval. However, when the moderator's own idea is waiting for an approval , he does not receive an email notification.

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