Path: Community settings >> Admins/Moderators/Groups >> Member Profile Questions

This setting is part of the Basic setting.

  1. Label: Enter the label name
  2. Expected Response Type: Select the desired option from the following field types seen below.

Click here to know more about the response type

3. Show in Registration Form: Enabling this field, lets the Admin collect additional data about members, at the time of registration itself. The profile questions are displayed on the Registration Form. They are automatically marked as "Required" and hence when enabled the "Required" option is hidden from the Administrator.
When the "Show in Registration Form" is disabled the member profile questions are not displayed on the Registration form
 4. Required:  When the "Show in Registration Form" is disabled, this option is visible to the Administrators.
To make the Member profile questions mandatory for the members to complete, the Required field switch needs to be enabled.
When the Show in Registration Form setting is disabled and the Required field is enabled, the member profile questions are displayed to members for completion when they log in. The members are prevented from participating in the community unless the member profile questions are completed.
Disabling the Required option allows the members to skip filling in the additional information.
5. Private Field: Responses of the members can be kept confidential by marking the fields as Private. Only Moderators can see the responses from the Moderator's dashboard or in the summary view.
Note: The moderators see the words Private, in blue color, on all these Custom fields made Private thus making it easier to separate them from the non-private fields (the screenshot below, shows Function is a Private field)
6. Moderator's field: When enabled, then the normal members do not see the questions and thus are not prompted to fill in the information. Only Moderators are expected to input information in these fields. This overrides Private Fields.

7. Regularly Update or Confirm Field: When enabled, the administrator can specify the time interval (in months) when members will be asked to update or confirm their Member profile fields.

To know more see Update or Confirm Member Profile Fields

8. Visible in Summary Views: When enabled, values of Member Profile questions will be displayed in the summary view of the profile as well as in the Idea details page.
The screenshot below shows the values of the Member profile questions in Idea Detail Page.

The screenshot below shows the values of the Member Profile question in the profile page of the member.

Members would be prompted to complete the member profile questions on logging in. It is compulsory for members to fill in all Member profile fields which are marked as Required. Required fields are denoted by a red asterisk (*). The members would be prevented from participating in community activities until they complete the member profile questions. They would be prompted to complete the questions every time they log in.
Member profile questions that are not marked as Required will be displayed to the members only once - when they log in for the first time. They may choose to skip inputting data in these fields. These questions would not be visible to the members the next time they log in.

Member profile questions that have already been answered by the members can be edited by them. All they would need is to click the link in 'Submitted by You' or click their name which shown in the leaderboard which will take them to their profile.

Member Profile Questions can be edited by the global moderators. They will find the option to edit the profile answers of the members from the Moderation Panel.
Path: Moderation >> All members > Edit Profile Questions

Values for Member profile questions can be populated at the time of bulk importing members.
Help article on bulk importing members:

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