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Groups allows you to create a role and add a set of users to it. This role can then be used in private campaigns, Idea ownership etc.
Setting up Groups -
We have two sections for adding a group General settings and Assignment method.

General Settings:-

  1. Name: Suitable name for the group has to be created.
  2. Description: Describe the utility of the Role in the Description box.
  3. Allow Group to submit Ideas :  When the role is in use ,depending on the selection “Yes” or  “No“ , the   members assigned to this role would be permitted or restricted from submitting ideas.
  4. Allow Group to submit Comments :  When the role is in use, depending on the selection “Yes” or  “No“ , the members assigned to this role would be permitted or restricted from submitting comments.
  5. Private: Enabling this switch will allow the particular group to be private that is it would be excluded from the leaderboard in the homepage


Both the Administrators as well as the Global Moderators can assign a member to a community role.
The Administrators can assign the Groups in two ways

A) Using Assign Members
 1) Search one member or a group of members and then assigning them to a Group

-Search by Email Address : Search one member at a time .
 - In Group or Not in Group : Search all the members assigned to an existing group. When the option “In Group” is selected, a drop down with the list of existing group is presented .The Administrator thus can search the members belonging to chosen community role and assign them to new group .
 Note :A member may be assigned to multiple Groups

The members qualifying the searched criteria are filtered and are then Assigned or Unassigned to the group.

All the members can be selected in one go by checking the small square box appearing on the left of words ”Members”. Individual members are selected by checking, the square box appearing on the left of each member’s name.
 On assigning the members to a group, the name of the Group appears in front of the members name.

 Note: A banned member even though assigned to the Group will not appear in the search results of that Group

 B) Auto Assign By Member Profile Criteria

This field allows you to auto assign members to the respective groups as per the answers to the member profile questions. The default Member Profile criteria you would see is "Member Profile Language". In case you have not set as 'No preference'  the members will not be assigned to any group. You could add new criteria which is (Member Profile questions created in Member Management) which will help you to assign the members to the respective groups. If you have multiple criteria's set the members will be automatically assigned to the group depending upon your selection of "all the criteria" or "any of the criteria" requires to be met.

Please Note: The auto assignment of members by member profile criteria will be assigned only for answers which is single choice, Single Line Text, Large text/description, US Zipcode, URL/hyperlink, and Date(MM/dd/yyyy). This wont assign answers with Multiple choice and checkbox answers.

Learn more on how to create Member Profile question:
 C) Auto Assign Group By Email Domain

Auto Assigned Email Domains: Auto approve members of certain domain by specifying the domains in the Auto-Approve List. Use commas to separate the domain names. Eg., OR can also use .com, .ca, .net,. org

Black Listed Email Domains: We can also ban a list of domains from auto adding them to the groups by specifying them in the assignment method.

Auto Assign all New Members: Enabling this switch, all new members who Register or Join the community will be assigned to that Group automatically.

We can also assign groups while bulk uploading members in the community.
Assigning Groups while bulk uploading members.
Help Article on bulk import :

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