Path: Community Settings >> Members Management >> Members>> Search/ Manage Members
You can search membership statuses of the community members using various criteria. It is also possible to get the exact count of members in the selected criteria as mentioned below. Once you've set a filter or entered an email address, click the "Search" button to begin your search.

  1. Email Address : A particular member can be searched by entering the email address in this field. Incase the whole email address is not known, entering part of the email address will also render the search.
  2. Name/Username: A member can be easily searched using his name or username.
  3. Membership : Filters can be set to search members who are Approved, Banned or those whose Approval is Pending. The count of members with that particular membership will be displayed besides the membership name itself.
  4. Group: You could always search members within or outside the groups with this filter. This option will appear only if you have groups created and members assigned in groups.
  5. Source: This allows you to search all the members that was added to the community via web, upload, admin, social login or migrated to this community.
  6. Connected App: This filter allows you to search members via our connected app like Slack App set up in the community.
  7. Opt In Status : This dropdown shows the members who have opt in status as - In - Email addresses who are member of the community Out - Email addresses who have chosen to leave the community and are not part of it. Default - Email addresses who have not accepted the invitation nor have rejected it.
  8. Email Status : The status of the email addresses to whom invitations have been send or who have join on their own accord is shown here.
    Assumed  - This status shows the members who had reported problem receiving the verification emails and have been verified manually by IdeaScale Support Team.
    Unknown - This status contains the email addresses which does not exist.
    Sent - Members who have been added to the system, but have not yet verified.
    Bounced - Members who have been added to the system, but the verification email bounced.                                                                                                    Verified - Members who have been added to the system, and have clicked the verification link in an email.                                                                            Reverification required - Members who have added to the system but will require a verification again.
  9. Groups : Group dropdown allows to search members based on the community roles assigned to them or filter members who do not belong to a specified group.
     Help article on Group :
  10. Member Profile Questions : Members can be filtered on basis of the answers they have provided for the Member Profile Questions.
    Help article on Custom fields/Member Profile Questions :

Note: Search / Filter is applicable only to Member Profile Questions belonging to the data type "Multiple Choice". The Member Profile Questions appearing to other data types will not appear on this section.

The administrator of the community can also edit and update the member details by clicking on the email address of the member they wish to edit or update.
Help article on Member Details:

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