What is Idea Ownership?

Idea owners are those who are assigned to manage selected ideas by the community Administrator. Multiple owners can be assigned to a single idea. The assigned idea owners can only change status of the ideas to which they are assigned to but they do not have any moderation privileges in the community.

How to setup Idea Ownership Settings

Community Settings >> Workflow >> Idea Teams >>Idea Owners

Turn On "Idea Ownership" and you will be able to see the following option to choose :
 1. Eligible Idea Owners: This will display the list of groups in the community you could choose from or have all the community members selected from the dropdown to be eligible or assigned as Idea Owners.

2. Assign Owners From List : Turning On this option will show the list of Idea Owners to be chosen from while assigning an Idea Owner from the homepage or Idea detail page.
 3. Assign Idea Author as Owner : The administrator may choose to "Assign Idea Author as Owner" automatically once the idea is submitted.
 4. Multiple Ownership : Turning On this option allows the administrator to assign multiple idea owners to a single idea.
 5. Allow Idea Owners moderation rights over idea teams : Enabling this setting Idea Owners will have rights to move the idea to the next stage even before the idea teams moderate it.

To make it simpler for the Idea Owners to manage their assigned ideas, the Administrator may choose to turn On the "My" tab which shows the list of member's assignments. This can be done from Community Settings >> Tab Settings >> Tabs >> My Tab enable it and then click 'Save Changes'

Assign Idea Owners to Ideas

When the Idea Author is not chosen to be the default Idea Owner, the Administrators or Moderators can assign Idea Owners to an idea from the Home Page. They can see "Assign Owner" link under the description of idea.

Click on "Assign Owner" link to see the list of Idea Owners you can choose from. Select the Idea Owners and add a message if desired.

The assigned Idea Owners receive an email stating that he/she has been assigned as an owner of an idea. It also includes the Assignment Message.

If the Administrator has enabled this setting, the members who are assigned as idea owners will see the ideas they own under the tab "My Ideas" . The ideas are displayed as the dates they were submitted.

The Administrator may also change the Idea Owner:
From the Home page 

From the Idea Detail Page

Please Note: The members assigned as Idea Owners automatically become the Followers of the idea, even though they have not voluntarily clicked on the "Follow" idea button.
Clicking on the "Owner Group" link on the idea detail page shows the list of selected Idea Owners and the Assignment message

Assigned Idea Owners can change idea status to the desired level as set by the administrator.
In a community where moderation is set for new ideas, the idea Owners do not have the right to change the status from "Pending Approval" as they have to wait for the Moderators Approval before the idea becomes available to them. 

Please Note :- If the Idea Owner also happens to a Global moderator or a Campaign Moderator , he gets all the default Moderation rights

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