Path: Community Settings >> Member Management >> Members

This section allows the administrator to invite members to the community, change their status, resend verification emails and search for them.

Add Members
This section allows the administrator to invite people to the community.

The email addresses of the people to be invited is entered into the text field, one per line.

A verification email is sent out to all the invited people who were not part of IdeaScale before, with a link within to enter the community.

Clicking on the link, directs member to the community page, where they are prompted to enter the verification code and then admitted to the community. They are then asked to enter password for future logins along with username, name and member profile questions.
Users who are already verified for any IdeaScale communities will receive invitation email instead of the verification email, unlike the word "Yes, this is my email" these users will see the respective community URL of the community eg: They can login using their login credentials created earlier for the other community.

Password Reset
If for some reason a member contacts the administrator for assistance in generating a new password, the administrator may send the password reset email from Member Management by clicking on the email address of the user, which opens up a new page with member details and link for "Send Password Reset Email". The admin will see a success message on the top and system sends an email to the user.

Once this is done the member will receive an email for password reset with a link using which user can enter the community and a new password can be set.

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