Community Settings>> Member Management>>  Bulk Upload Member Status or Username

This section helps you to update or change the status of the existing members at one go. Member current status could be in Pending approval, Approved or Banned and can be changed by uploading a Excel sheet of the required member to the new status.
Along with the changing or updating the username for the members.


  1. The excel sheet should be .xls format.
  2. The columns in the sheet are fixed first being the email address, second as Status and third as username.
  3. You would need to enable the switch "First row is column header"
  4. Username should be between 6 and 40 characters and use only lowercase letters (a-z), numbers and periods.  
    For instance you could upload the Excel Sheet with new status in the following format.  

Please Note:

  1. While uploading the Excel sheet you would need to mention the New status as "Pending" to pending approval, "Member" to approve member,  "Banned" to ban a member.
  2. In case you wish to upload user name only you would still need to leave the second column blank and update the username in third column.
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