IdeaScale provides a host of techniques to prevent your community members from ballot box stuffing, SPAMMING, or abusing your community. The three main areas that we focus on are, fake registration of accounts, off topic posts, and inappropriate language.

Fake Registrations

ReCaptcha for Registration
All members of your community that sign up for an account are required to complete a registration form that requires a simple captcha form to be filled out. This ensures that the user is a real human being and NOT a SPAMMER or nefarious registration bot. The [reCaptcha] ( service that IdeaScale uses is very widely known and also contributes to the translation of out of print books.

Double Opt-In Email Verification
To prevent users from signing up for your community with a fake email address, and thus creating additional fake votes, each user is required to provide their email address. An email message is then sent to the user with a verification link in the message. When the user clicks on this link, IdeaScale is then able to verify ownership of the account.

Janrain Engage Integration
Users can completely skip creating a new IdeaScale account by simply logging in with an existing identity provider such as Facebook, Google/Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, etc.

Email Based Access Restrictions
A very simply and elegant way to limit user registrations to your own organization can be accomplished via email based access restrictions. Basically, you can configure your IdeaScale community to only allow registration if the user signs up with the email address domain for your organization (ex,

More information on email based access restrictions here:

Poor Quality Posts, Off Topic Posts

Off Topic Moderation
Completely off topic ideas in your community can cause a myriad of problems. Not only does it set a poor precedent, but it can severely lower the overall quality of ideas from other members of your community. The IdeaScale off topic tool gives your moderators the option to move certain ideas to a different area of the site, out of the main list of ideas. Community members can still vote/comment on the idea and link to the idea, but it won't be in the overall list of top voted ideas.

More information on off topic moderation can be found here:

Moderation of New Idea Submissions
Another simple method for preventing inappropriate comments/ideas is to configure your community for completely manual moderation of new posts. In this mode, new ideas or comments that are posted to the site will be placed into a queue for approval by your team of moderators.

Flag for Moderation
You can also leverage the crowd within your community by giving them the ability to flag ideas/comments as inappropriate or duplicates. When an idea or comment is flagged, it is placed into a moderation queue for your moderation team to review.

Learn more about flagging for moderation here: check under the subheading "Abuse Threshold"

Inappropriate Language

Curse Filtering
Ideascale can be configured to prevent a community member from submitting text with curse words. When enabled, the seven most common words are filtered from submission. Additional words can be added by the administrator of the community. A comment or idea posted with these words will be placed in the moderation queue to be reviewed by a moderator.

Learn more about curse filtering here:

User Reputation Model

A more subtle yet effective technique for self moderation is a strong user reputation model. The basic premise is if a user has their name, photo, badges, activity, etc attached to their identity, they are less likely to post inappropriate content. IdeaScale provides methods for your community members to attach a photo to their name, provide customized profile details, and earn badges for their participation (and thus open up new functionality).

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