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This setting allows the administrator to make a list of tag words in their community, when enabled allows the user to tag the idea from the list available.
General Tag Setting can be set on a global or campaign level. We will look into the global level.

The global setting is further divided into 2 settings:

Basic settings

Advanced settings

Global Settings: Basic

  1. Allow Tags: Lets the Administrator decide if idea tagging is permitted.

  2. Predefined tags: Lets the Administrator define a set of tag words. When enabled, the user can tag an idea by selecting from the existing set of tags only. Click here to learn more! 

  3. General Tag List: Its the list of all tags, predefined or otherwise. One can manage the tags in the community here. Add tags by clicking and typing a word in the field below, or delete a tag by clicking the 'x'.

Note: Deleting a tag will also delete it from any ideas in your community which already have that tag.

When tags are Allowed by the Administrator, they can be added in the following two ways:
 1) While Submitting an idea

2) From the idea detail page
Tags can be added to an already submitted idea from the idea detail page by clicking on the button Edit tags.

Please Note: Only the hyphen "-" is permitted to combine multiple words into one tag word. eg .the tag word recyclable-bags

Global Settings: Advanced

The Advanced settings have few more settings in addition to the Basic settings as follows:

  1. Maximum Number of Most Popular Tags to Display in Tag Cloud: Allow the Administrator to control the number of popular tags that can be displayed in the Tag Cloud. By default, 50 Most Popular Tags can be displayed in the tag cloud. Click here to learn more!

  2. Include tags of archived campaigns: When ON, the tags from the Archived campaigns, too are displayed in the tag cloud.

  3. Hybrid tags: This setting is visible only when the Predefined tags are enabled. When ON, it allows the user to specify his own tag or to choose one from the list of Predefined tags.

To know about Campaign Tags see Help Article on Campaign Tags

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