Moderator tags are primarily used for private communication about ideas between Moderators and Reviewers. These predefined tags are only available and visible to Moderators.
Path: Community Settings >>Customization>>Tags Settings>>Moderator Tags

  1. Moderator Tags : When enabled, The Administrator can define the tags list on the Admin panel, similar to predefined tags feature.
  2. Moderator Tag List : The Administrator , either manually enters the tag words in the Moderator Tag List or may bulk upload Moderator tags . The uploaded tag words would be visible in the Moderator Tag List.
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    3. Predefined Tags: Enabling predefined tags will restrict any moderator from creating new tags and will have to use tags listed in the moderator tag list only

       4. Moderator Tagging Assigned to Community Role : When turned ON, the Administrator can choose a Community Role, who will be the group of members            apart from the moderators, who can view and use the Moderator Tags on ideas.
Moderators can tag the ideas only from the idea detail page by clicking on the words [Add Moderator Tags]

On the idea detail page, the Moderator tags appear separately in a box. 

  • Admins or moderator can add more moderator tags by clicking on the Add Moderator Tags link, however if we have Predefined Tags enabled then it would restrict adding in new tags. 
  • Standard users cannot view "Add Moderator tags" link.
  • The moderator tags would be visible only in Idea Detail Page.
  • Clicking on the moderator tags allow you to search all the ideas tagged by the same moderator tags.
  •  You can also subscribe and unsubscribe to moderator tags by clicking on the specific tag from the Idea Detail page or from the Tag cloud in the right side Toolbar which will bring a Subscribe to this Tag link displayed above the idea.  Unsubscribe Option will appear to any tags to which you have already been subscribed. 
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