Community Settings >> Reports >>Community Infographic
The community Infographic provides a big picture overview of your community or campaign for a specified time frame. Community administrator can customize the Infographic report with the graph modules and easily share it with the community members.
 Step 1. - Enter the Basic Information 

  • Campaign: Choose all campaigns or a particular campaign whose infographic data is to be displayed in the report
  • Date: Select start date and end date so that infographic data can be generated for specific time frame.
  • Share infographic with Community - Set the switch "ON" if all the members of the community are to be allowed to view the infographic report .
  • Activity Timeline X-Axis Unit: This field allows administrator to choose x-axis unit for the activity timeline making it flexible to plot graph depending upon time interval selected. X- axis unit can be Day, Week, Month or Year.
  • Notification Duration: Notification Duration is a time frame for published infographic report to remain as a notification alert in top bar section beside your profile name (refer last screenshot of this help article). Notification Duration can be always visible, one day, two days, three days, one week, two weeks or never notify.

Once the basic information is filled, click on the "Next" button on the top right corner and proceed to Select Modules.
Step 2. Select Modules
Enable or disable infographic modules that you would like to display in the report. It is also possible to simply drag and drop modules to organize your report. Once set, click ‘save changes’

Click on "Preview" on the top right corner to view the infographic report. This report can be published within a community and is available in printable format.

Community members will be notified about published infographic report on their community home page as highlighted below

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