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Bulk Import Tags falls under Basic settings. Predefined as well as Moderator Tags can be quickly and easily imported using an Excel file. The only pre-requisite is that, the excel sheet should have the tags specified in the first column and each row should contain only one tag. Predefined tags can be single word or multiple word.

For eg: Co-operation, Bio-degradable. Multiple words should be separated with a "hyphen" to be used as tags. If multiple words are uploaded with 'space(s)' each new word would be created as separate tag ('Save The Earth', this input will create 3 tags). But multiple words when uploaded with 'underscore(s)' will not get uploaded ('Save_the_Earth' will not create any tag).

1) Tag Type : Select the tag type ( Predefined or Moderator ) from the drop down menu.

2) File (Excel) : Drag/Drop or Select the excel file which contains the tag-words. The excel file needs to be saved in .xls or .xlsx format.

 3) First Row is Column header : When ON, the system assumes that the first row of the excel sheet is the column heading and excludes from importing the word specified in the first row as a tag-word.

 4) Remove Existing : When ON, the existing list of Predefined tags is overwritten by the new bulk-imported tag words. When OFF, the new bulk-imported tag words are appended to the existing list.

After the excel file is attached, click on import, you will get a notification message on your browser "Tags Imported".
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