Moderation section helps Global Moderators to keeps a check on new and existing ideas, comments and new members approval/edit user member profile questions in the community. There are different types of moderators. This section is visible only to the moderators and can be accessed by hovering on Profile Image, and the drop down will show "Moderation", as shown below:

The moderators can keep tab on the following:

Idea Moderation:
Ideas Moderation will display all the ideas for moderation. Moderator can take charge and move the idea into next suitable stages. The default stages available are Inbound, Pending Approval, Active, Archived, Recycle Bin, Off Topic. Parallel to these Moderators can also Edit, Merge, Delete and Duplicate Ideas or Disable commenting.

Comment Moderation:
Comment Moderation allows the moderator to "Approve" or "Reject" new comments posted on a community. (Depending on "New Comments Approval" enabled under Community Settings by Administrator)

Member Moderation:
Member Moderation allows moderators to scrutinize all members before adding to a community.

Also Moderators can "Assign Group" Or "Edit Member Profile Questions" from this section.

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