Community Settings >> Reports >> Export Data>> Export Idea Data (Comments and Tags)
 Export Idea data feature allows community administrator to export idea data along with Comments and Tags. First sheet in the report focuses on Ideas-Comments while second shows number of time tags used on particular idea. This helps administrator to get view on tags usage on idea.

 1) Output format: Idea data can be exported in following formats

  • Microsoft Excel sheet (.xls) format
  • XML (RSS 2.0)

2) Filter Data with:

  • Date: You can mention the start date and the end date to download data for a specific period of time. If this field is left blank, all idea data from beginning to current date will be exported.
  • Campaign: You can select the campaign for which you wish to download the data. Selecting 'All campaigns' will export data including 'Archived Campaigns'

Fields on Exported Excel sheet:

 Sheet 1: Contains Ideas data in detail with following fields -

  • Date/Time
  • Idea ID
  • Idea Number
  • Idea Status
  • Author Name
  • Author Email Address
  • Campaign
  • Campaign Group (If any)
  • Net Votes
  • Votes Up
  • Votes Down
  • Idea Title
  • Idea Details (body of idea)
  • Tags
  • Idea URL
  • Attachment
  • Owners
  • Comment Count
  • Actual Comments

Sheet 2: Tags data shows statistics of user/predefined tags on idea with following fields

  • Idea ID
  • Idea Number
  • Idea Title
  • Tag one
  • Tag two
  • Tag three and so on.

Sheet 3: Moderators Tags shows statistics of tags used by moderator on ideas (similar to sheet 2 format)
 Sheet 4: Pending Ideas (similar to sheet 1)
 Sheet 5: Recycle bin Ideas (similar to sheet 1)
 Sheet 6: Off-Topic Ideas (similar to sheet 1

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