Community Settings >> Data Management >> Export Data>> Export Question Data
Export question data feature allows the community administrator to export a question & answer data including all attachments for archival purposes. Data can be generated in Excel or XML format. Once you click on ‘Export Data’, a link to the file will be generated which can then be downloaded and at same time an automated Email with file attachment will be sent to the administrator as receipt of request performed. Also, you can access the file at a later date from Community Settings >> Data Management >> Download Center.

Fields on exported excel sheet:

 1) Filter Data with:

  • Date: You can select start date and end date to download data for a specific period of time. If this field is left blank, all question data from beginning to current date will be exported.
  • Campaign: You can select the Q&A campaign for which you wish to download the data. Selecting 'All campaigns' will export data including 'Archived Campaigns 

2) Geo Location data:
Community Administrators can Export Data with geo-location (latitude, longitude) only if "Include Geo Location" is turned 'On' .The report will then have two extra columns, latitude and longitude.

 Fields on Exported Excel sheet:

Sheet 1: Contains Question data in detail with following fields
Date/Time Question ID, Question Number, Status, Author, Author Email Address, Campaign, Campaign Group (If any), Net Votes, Votes Up, Votes Down, Answers Count, Idea Title, detail, Tags, URL, Attachments, Custom Fields Names and Value.
Sheet 2: This sheet contains Answers data with following fields
Date, Question ID, Question Number, Author, Author Email Address, Answers, Attachment if any
Sheet 3: contains pending question (similar to sheet 1 format) which are yet to be approved by moderator

Sheet 4: contains recycle bin Ideas (similar to sheet 1 format) which are stored in recycle bin status

Sheet 5: contains off-Topic Ideas (similar to sheet 1 format) which are marked as Off-topic by moderator.

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