Path: Community Settings >> Integration >> Widgets >> Hot Idea Widget

This Widget displays the Top Ideas as well as ideas that have recently marked as complete in a particular Campaign. This widget can be used to submit new ideas too.
Click on the "+Hot Ideas Widget" to add the widget

Choose the Campaign, from which the Hot ideas will be displayed, and enter a number to specify the Limit i.e. the number of ideas to be displayed in the widget at at time.

The newly created Hot ideas widget now be seen under the "Manage Hot ideas Widget". The Manage Hot ideas section will also display the Limit, along with the Embed Code and the option to Edit and Delete the widget.

Accessible to Anonymous Visitors by setting the switch to ON and "Save Changes" anonymous users can use this widget.

Click on the "Embed Code" button to see the code and a preview of how the Hot Idea Widget will appear. 

Copy the widget code and place it in your sites HTML. The code can allow customization of its width, height, frame border, etc if the displayed text does not fit and appears overlapping.

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