Path: Community Settings >> Integration >> Widgets >> Campaign Widget
 Campaign Widget also called as Super Widget, allows users to browse ideas in the selected active campaign.

Campaign widget is supported for all community types: Public, Private and SSO.Campaign widget shows on external page/blog/website based on community type:

1. Public community: Since everybody can view data on the community without login, same behaviour is seen on Campaign widget of a public community.

2. Private community: You need to login to view data on the community, so does the campaign widget also asks for login on the widget itself. If you are already logged into the community and trying to view them on the same browser, you should be able to view the campaign widget on the external page/blog/website.

3.  SSO Community: Unlike private community, if your community is Public + SSO, no need to login to view the data on widget. However, community is Private + SSO you need to login and same is asked on the widget.

Note: Campaign widget does not support in SSO SAML community, it only supports Multipass SSO, SSO Cookie, and Social Login.

 1) Click on the "+Campaign Widget" button.

2) To add the campaign widget Please choose a Campaign from the drop down menu and select the Default Tab (Top / Recent) . 

3) A message "Widget created! You may find the Embed Code below." is flashed and a section "Manage Campaign Widgets" is added. 

4) The Settings section show the Selected Theme (Default or Custom CSS ) .
5) For Government and Enterprise plans, Campaign Widgets can be updated in Realtime by setting "Allow Realtime Update " switch to ON
6) Accessible to Anonymous Visitors when enabled will have any member to access the campaign widget.

7) Clicking on the "Embed Code" button in the "Manage Campaign Widgets" section, will display the Widget code for that particular campaign . It will also show a Preview of the Campaign widget.
 Please Note: The campaign widget appearing in the preview is a real. Any action like commenting or voting is performed in this widget, it will be reflected in the community.

7) To add this widget to your web page, first please add an empty DIV with id "ideascale-campaign-widget" to your page, where you want the widget to appear. Then copy the javascript code to the same page as seen in the screenshot below.

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