Path: Community Settings >> Security >> Social Login Settings
Social Login enhances the user’s experience on your site – no need to come up with different usernames and password combinations for logging into websites, filling out a registration form or remembering passwords.

On switching the Social Login button to ON , the options to enable social login for US , China and the other related settings becomes visible to the Administrator, as seen in the above screenshot.
 1) U.S. Social Login (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit)

The US Social Login permits users to login using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin and Reddit. The Administrator can set the switch to ON for all those social networking sites, which he would permit his users to login with. 

2) China Social Login (Weibo, Weixin)

When China Social Login is turned ON , users would be permitted to login using the sites Weibo and Weixin.

Note : At present only the option of logging in with Weibo is available.

You may choose to make a combination of US social login as well as China social login. For instance in below screenshot, we have chosen US social login like Facebook, Google & LinkedIn along with China social login.

This is how it would look in the login page.

3) Require Email for Social Login : When enabled, it makes it mandatory for users to submit their email address before logging in.
4) Require CAPTCHA for Social Login : When enabled the user has to enter the exact CAPTCHA before he can access the site.

To discontinue community participation using Social Login options, simply slide the Social login switch to OFF and click on 'Save changes' button.

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