Community Settings >> Integration >> Google Analytics.

Before setting up integration with Google Analytics, create an Google Analytics account or sign in to your existing account.
Creating a Google Analytics Account
To create account Type in your browser and click on Create an Account.

Click on Sign Up button. This will take you to the “Create Account” Page.

  1. Account Name: Enter the Account Name.
  2. Website Name: Enter the Website Name (In this case the IdeaScale Community Name) which you wish to track using Google Analytics. 
  3. Website URL: Click on the dropdown arrow button and select http or https option. Enter the URL of the website (In this case the IdeaScale Community URL) which you wish to track using Google Analytics
  4. Industry Category: Select the applicable Industry Category.
  5. Reporting Time Zone options: Choose the country and the applicable time zone.

6) Choose the Data Sharing Settings and click on the "Get Tracking ID" button as seen in the above screenshot.

7) Accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service

8) A page with the Tracking ID and the Tracking Code is displayed.

9) Goto your IdeaScale community and Copy-Paste the Tracking ID in the space provided for it and Save the changes. A message "Integration Settings Successfully Saved " is displayed on the top.

10) Switch over to the Google Analytics page. Goto "Admin" tab and click on the Account dropdown.It will display the IdeaScale community which you have integrated with Google Analytics. To continue adding more communities, click on the New Account button.

11) You could create custom dimensions allowing you to get reports for specific dimensions you want to look at. Creating a Custom Dimension is through Property Tab>> Custom Definitions. All you need to do is add a Custom Dimension Name and the Scope for it. In the above image we have created two dimension one being "User Type" and other as "Number of Ideas Submitted".

Please Note: The order of the Custom Dimension is important so it is preferred to keep the User type as first dimension in Google Analytics.

12)  Creating new Segments helps you to ensure a detailed report on specific details you want to look at. Like in the above screenshot we have created two segments "New Submitted Ideas" and "Admins and Moderators". New Segments could be added from the View Tab >> Personal Tools and Assets >> Segments. While adding new Segments we require to place a condition on the basis of which the data will be shown. 

13) New segments should be given a name, conditions should be specified like in the above image I have created a segment for the "Number of Votes" in one session by the user which should include 1 to 3 votes.

14) Once the new dimension and segments are created we could get an overview of our website on a real time basis in "Audience Overview".

Please Note: All the data in Google Analytics is Session based and not User data.

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