Does IdeaScale offer a way to customize notification emails sent from the system so they look like they are coming from our company instead of IdeaScale?

Yes. With our Custom Email Branding feature, you can upload an image that will serve as the header of your email when you send from from IdeaScale. This includes invitation emails, daily/weekly digest emails, and changes to user's ideas.

How do I set my company's logo as the header for my emails?
 This can be achieved from Community Settings>>General Settings>>Emails and Notifications>>Custom Email Banner. Please make sure to upload an JPG or PNG image to "Community File Library" and select the image from the drop down . By default all images will be scaled to the full width of the email template (650 pixels), so it is best to format the image with the exact width.

Note: Branded email is an Enterprise license feature. For more information about IdeaScale's Enterprise license, contact [email protected].

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