Path: Community Settings >> Engagement >> Broadcast Emails

Broadcast email tool allows you to compose and send custom email messages to members of your community from within IdeaScale community itself. You can use this tool to update your users or even provide them any instructions on further action they would need to take within the community.

Broadcast Email Composer
The email to be broadcasted can be composed using the inbuilt Broadcast Email Composer.

This composer opens upon clicking the "Broadcast Email" button where you have to fill in the details.

1) Subject Line : The subject of the broadcast can be entered here.

2) Email Body : The main content of the body is entered in this field. Basic HTML formatting is allowed in the email body.

3) Send Date : You can define the date on which you would like to send out the broadcast email. It would go automatically on the specified date. Though you can send the post dated email immediately by clicking ‘Send Now’ button.
The system processes broadcast emails every 10 minutes. It could take 10 minutes for your broadcast email to be sent if you happen click "Send Now" button.
4) Send To : The broadcast email can be sent to the whole community or you can choose a specific group by creating Groups. Only one group can be selected at a time.
Help article on Groups:

5) Customize Sent From : Turning On the switch will show 2 more fields, ‘From email Address’ and ‘From Name’ where you can define any email address and name which you would like to be displayed as the sender of the broadcast.

6) Custom Email Banner : You can choose custom email banner which you will have to upload in the Community File Library, if you would like to replace IdeaScale email banner with your own.

7) Enable Broadcast Email : Turn on this switch to set the broadcast email on the line to be sent automatically on the date specified.

Once the needed fields are filled us, you can ‘Save Changes’. If you want to see how the broadcast would look before saving, click on ‘Send Test Email’ and specify the email address to which you would like it to be send.

Once you save the changes you will be shows the 'Send Now' option besides the broadcast email log. If you with to send the email right away, click on it.

The system sends the administrator an email notification with the status of the broadcast with delivery details. In addition, the Email Broadcast logs is be accessible to Administrators which shows the list of the emails that have been broadcasted from Community Settings>>Reports>>Email Report>>Broadcast email.

Note: The maximum size of the email message cannot exceed 1 MB.

Unsubscribing from Broadcast emails
Profile >> Communities >> Notifications >> "Community Name" >> Receive Broadcast Emails

 A user can unsubscribe from receiving a broadcast email by turning off the switch 'Receive Broadcast Emails'


 1. Who all receives broadcast emails?
 By default broadcast email goes out to the entire community participants, provided that all the participants are verified users in a community. Secondly, if email is send to specific group only those users will receive broadcast email.
 2. What setting ensures broadcast email for users?
 For all users to receive broadcast email, "Receive Broadcast Emails" setting should be switched "ON" under Profile >> Notifications.
 3. Which users are excluded from broadcast emails?
 Participants with Email Status "Unknown" (users who have not verified their email address) and "Banned" (users banned from the community) will be excluded from receiving broadcast emails.

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