Path: Community Settings >> Customization >> Look and Feel >> Site HTML Pages
Site HTML pages fall under Basic settings. It offers the ability for users to customize their community look using HTML, through the following features and functions:

Note: The use of this facility requires knowledge of HTML. Otherwise we advise not to make any changes in order to avoid some malfunctions in the look and feel.


Footer appearing at the end of the community page can be customized to add custom page links as well as any external page links.

Help article for Footer:

2. Homepage Slider

This section provides a default slider on the homepage showing welcome messages and slides for all the active campaigns within the community.

Help article for Homepage Slider:

3. Custom Widget

Custom widget is a section on the right navigation panel of the homepage where the administrator can add any brief information which needs to be highlighted for the attention of users.

Help article for Custom widget:

4. Terms of Use

An administrator can enable as well as change the default IdeaScale terms of use as per their requirements.

Help article for Terms of use:

5. Contact

Administrator can enable contact information for the community members to reach out to, with the link to the page in footer.

Help article for Contact:


6. Custom Pages

Custom pages are additional pages like FAQ that can be created by the administrator in order to provide additional information to the users.

Help article for Custom pages:

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