The Administrator is the account creator and subscription owner who has registered and created the community within IdeaScale. The Administrator has supreme authority and control of all global system settings. The Administrator can add or remove any member and assign additional Administrators or Global Moderators to a community.

Assigned Administrator:
The Main Administrator can add additional Administrators to the community to share his responsibilities .The additional administrators have all the privileges of the primary admin.
Here is a help link for more details on Assigned Administrator:
Global Moderator:
Global Moderators are assigned by the community Administrator or assigned administrators. They are like the gardeners that cultivate your IdeaScale community by reviewing ideas, comments and votes. Depending on the moderation settings of a community, Global Moderators serve as the gatekeepers of the community, approving or disapproving new users and new ideas. They may edit some front-end settings of the community.
Different types of Moderators at IdeaScale:
This link offers a detailed explanation on types of moderators:

Idea Owner:
Anyone assigned to Idea Ownership role can have ideas assigned to them by an administrator or moderator. The assigned idea owners can only change status of the ideas to which they are assigned to and also these idea owners do not have any moderation privileges in a community. The idea owners image/avatar is displayed under the description of idea called as "Owners".
Help link for more information on Idea Ownership:

Members are verified end-users of the IdeaScale community. A member may submit, vote, or comment on ideas.

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