Community Owner & Administrator:

  • The Administrator is the account creator and subscription owner who has registered and created the community. 
  • Has supreme authority and control of all global system settings
  • The Administrator can add, remove, or ban any members and assign additional Administrators or Global Moderators to a community.

Assigned Administrator: 

  • The additional administrators have the same privileges of the Community Owner
  • For more info on this role click here! 


  • Assigned by the Admin's, Moderators are like the gardeners that cultivate your IdeaScale community by reviewing ideas, comments, and votes. Depending on the moderation settings of a community, Moderators serve as the gatekeepers of the community, approving or disapproving new users and new ideas. They may edit some front-end settings of the community.
  • IdeaScale has four types of Moderators. For more details click here.

Idea Owner:

  • Anyone assigned  as an Idea Owner can have ideas assigned to them by an Administrator or Moderator. 
  • The assigned idea owners can only change the status of the ideas to which they are assigned to
  • The idea owners image/avatar is displayed under the description of idea called as "Owners".
  • For more information on Idea Ownership click here!

Idea Co-Submitter

  • Can edit the ideas when idea is in the Ideate Stage


  • Members are general end users. They are the crowd who is submitting ideas, commenting, and voting.
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